[Tutorial] How to Set Macro Keys of ACGAM AG-109R Mechanical Keyboard?

In today’s gaming keyboard circle, there is a very controversial topic, that is, macro programming is plug-in or just technical support. Compared with some software, The macro customization that comes with the keyboard does not cause the prohibition by using the software, but through the customized macro programming, the user can simplify some complicated operations while playing the game, and even achieve the operational process with 100% accuracy, which is not possible with manual operations. So today we are looking at the macro programming function of the ACGAM AG-109R mechanical keyboard.

ag-109r chroma wonder mechanical keyboard

What’s macro programming?

Macros are commands organized together to complete a particular task as a single command. To put it simply, you edit a set of keystrokes, that is, a macro, and then define a macro as a button. If pressing this button, it means you press a set of keystrokes.


How to set up Macro programming?

You will see the macro option after clicking the driver software,. See pictures as blow.


1.Click “+” this option, a macro file naming box will pop up, you can enter whatever you like in it.


2.On the left of the box, you will see the recording option. After clicking, enter the letter you want.


3.press “stop” to end.


4.The edit below this recording option can change the time.


5.After completing all of that, click on the macro in the online mode, then you can put the previous macro programming on any button, but don’t forget to confirm it.


As I conceive that I am not object to the use of macro programming. Macro programming does not completely replace our game operations, because it does not have the ability to judge the battle environment, it is just auxiliary operation.macro programming can make players easy during the game process, but in the game, it still relies on the player’s own operations to maximize the character’s strength in the game.

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