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For this entry we wanted to show you a small introduction to our products. Don’t worry, you will obviously have an entry for each one of those with detailed information when the time comes, but for now, we want to wrap up all our products for you to know a bit better about us, since our work is the best way to know ACGAM!

we ship worldwide of mechanical keyboard AG-109R, P09 cool mouse pad, P07 extra large mouse pad and G402 rgb gaming mouse

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Let’s start with our keyboards:

Mechanical Gaming Keyboards


Why picking a color when you can have all of them? With AG-109R you don’t have to worry about this. Pick between 16.8 million of combinations and customize your keyboard to be original and unique! The keyboard has many different functions, including multimedia buttons, brightness control, different profiles and a big selection of coloring effects that applies to the whole keyboard and also each of the keys independently. Rainbow effects, reactive ones, sound mode and even a snake mode where you can actually play the classic snake on your own keyboard. And that’s only plug and play, no software needed for this.
What? You want more? Don’t worry. Unlock the full potential with the included software and fully customize it to make it your own. Pick from a list of different pre-made effects or create and apply yours as you wish. Assign a color for each key or customize the whole keyboard to match the game you are playing at the moment. Save your profile and apply it directly from your keyboard using the profile slots without having to open the software. There are pre-made modes for your favorite games but you can also make your own and apply them in a second.

And that is only if we talk about RGB, but there are way more reasons to fall in love with this keyboard. A fully mechanical keyboard with anti-ghosting designed for gaming that also works flawlessly in every day’s work. Macro support, fully programmable keys, ergonomic design, aluminum alloy panel… Really, I could spend the whole day enumerating its many features.

We know when it comes to keyboard you want the perfect product. You will probably use this daily, so, your comfort was one of our objectives when we created this keyboard. Considering that, our keyboard is available in six different layouts, including 104 keys US layout, 105 keys in Spanish/Russian/French/German/Italian layout. Not only that, we go further and offer this very same keyboard in two different kind of switches. For those you love the clicky classic mechanical sound we have Outemu blue switches, but if you want something more silent there is also an Outemu brown switches version(right now available in Spanish layout, later German layout and Italian layout are also available).

Enough talking! We could spend days giving reasons why this keyboard should be your first option, but if you still want more detailed information check this direct link:

mechanical gaming keyboard ACGAM AG-109R
Chroma mechanical keyboard ACGAM AG-109R
AG6X TKL mechanical board


Maybe you are looking for something different. For you, gamers on-the-go, we’ve created this 61 keys Mechanical keyboard, tiny but powerful. Its compact size, its low weight (only 560g) and its detachable USB cable make it the best options to get this product to LAN parties, tournaments or just for your travels.

Offering the best technology by ACGAM, the AG6X comes with Outemu blue switches, anti-ghosting keys, on-the-fly macro recording and a selection of our best lightning effects including snake, wave, breathing, reactive and many other modes. Everything selected from the very same keyboard! No software needed for all this, but take the experience further with the included drivers.

Again, the AG6X comes in different layouts: US/Spanish/French/Italian/German. Be sure to pick the one you want! In case you need more information here is the link to the product’s page:


RGB Gaming Mice


We believe that, when it comes to producing a gaming mouse, the most important thing is the feeling of the mouse under the hands of a gamer. We’ve put all our efforts to make an ergonomic shape comfortable for stress free use, giving each of your fingers a place to stay during work or games.


G402 offers the best quality at the best price. We adopted the advanced PMW3325 optical gaming sensor, and we offer adjustable DPI that reaches 10.000. You will have 5 available slots in the software to set your own DPI settings and switching from one to another with just a click. The Omron switch technology implemented guarantees superior reliability and consistency.


6 freely customizable buttons, an extra button to switch between profiles and 4 customizable RGB zones. Choose your favorite light mode via its powerful software!


Bad news is, you will not have an excuse when you lose in one of your games, since it will not be because of this mouse.


More information in the link below!

ACGAM G402 6 button gaming mouse.jpg



There is never enough RGB in our lives! Buying P09 is like buying many different mouse pads for the price of one. 9 different modes awaits you, including static colors (green, red, purple, cyan, blue and yellow) and effects (all colors flowing in a RGB cycle and two different rainbow effects). Switch between them with the touch control on the mouse pad. No need for software. Plug and play!

If you don’t like colors, just turn it off and you will still have a solid micro-textured mouse pad ideal for laser and optical mouse, with 4 anti-skid feet to avoid its movement and pointer related problems.

Check more information of this beautiful aluminum mouse pad here!



The bigger the better!
Some of you want an extra large gaming mouse pad where you can put on the mouse and the keyboard. Well, with this P07 mouse pad you can place the mouse, the keyboard and I guarantee you will have even extra space to place anything you may have in mind. That “XXL” thing in the title is no joke: 900MM (length) x 300MM (width), but only 4MM thick!


Designed for pixel precise mouse targeting and to avoid sliding thanks to its rubber base, the P07 is the best option for gamers and e-sports. The latest anti-fraying edge stitching design and the easy to clean options (machine washable) prolongs the lifespan of this monster!


More details here

AGAM p07 extra large gaming mouse pad
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