Hello ACGAM family!

It is time to talk about one of our favourite products. We have RGB keyboards, RGB mice… so, it was a matter of time that we had a RGB mouse pad too! We proudly present to you our ACGAM P09 RGB mouse pad.

ACGAM p09 gaming mouse pad
How many times have you go to a store or searched on the internet for a new mouse pad and thought: “this mouse pad is great, but I don’t like the colour” or “oh, so many colours for this mouse pad that I can’t decide”. Well, say goodbye to that. Why picking one colour when you can have all of them?!


Red, Green, purple, blue, cyan, yellow… switch between all the colours with our ACGAM P09 mouse pad. But that is not all, we offer you different effects besides the main colours, including RGB cycles and various colours flowing on the four sides at different velocities.


No software needed! Just plug and play.

Connect it via USB to your computer and switch between 9 different modes using a touch control in the very same mouse pad You will need a lifetime to get bored of this product.

But there is much more tan visuals in this cool mouse pad. For you, gamers out there, we’ve designed a solid surface, micro-textured finish making it ideal to use with laser and optical mice, and a sheet metal base with 4 anti-skid silicone feet that guarantees no pointer related problems due to its accurate positioning.


Leaving the technology stuff behind: you will feel very comfortable when you put your mouse on the P09, and expect no mouse pad movement due to its great fixation and maximum precision thanks to its technology. Designed for day to day and gamers!


You can easily buy our ACGAM P09 RGB mouse pad (and all our products) on any of our reliable distributors here! We promise you won’t regret it.



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Have a nice gaming week with ACGAM.