Cool Factor  – Vibrant RGB Hard Gaming Mousepad P08 or P09

RGB luminous design has become a mainstream in peripheral products.  As early as 2015, Razer became the first one who launched the first RGB backlit mouse pad,Razer Firefly,this also surprised many players.Then, Corsair , Tt eSPORTS, AJAZZ, ACGAM and other manufacturers have also issued a series of RGB backlight mousepad , but the price makes many players who like the lights discouraged. But,the ACGAM P08 RGB mouse pad, which costs only $24.99, is quite attractive.

ACGAM P08 RGB Mouse Pad

Although the mouse pad has no driver support, it supports 10 adjustable RGB illumination effects and can be linked to other RGB equipment for better lighting effects. Besides that, ACGAM also made some optimizations for this RGB illuminated mouse pad.

Two Hot Keys

Compared with the one-button switch and light adjustment of the P09 mouse pad,two hot keys on the top of the ACGAM P08 gaming mousepad are used to provide light mode switching and brightness adjustment that supports four levels of brightness selection.Plug and play also makes it easier to get started.

ACGAM P08 Mouse Pad

ACGAM P09 Mouse Pad

ACGAM P08 RGB tappetino per mouse
ACGAM P09 RGB Mouse Mat

USB Port

This time, the ACGAM P08 RGB mouse pad features a more convenient separated design that splits the line and mouse pad into two, providing an additional USB expansion interface. In this way, it frees up a usable U port, which reduces the pressure on the U port of the device, especially for notebook users.

ACGAM P08 Mouse Pad

ACGAM P09 Mouse Pad

ACGAM P08 Cutomized mouse pad
ACGAM P09 Large Mouse Pad


Both cool mouse pads are hard matte textured surfaces with a special coating on the surface for smooth mouse movement and precise motion sensing.Compared to the PU coating surface of P09 RGB mouse pad, the transparent acrylic material middle layer, and the aluminum alloy bottom,the material used for the P08 mouse pad is that the surface layer is made of resin, the middle layer is transparent acrylic material, and the bottom is rubber cushion.


ACGAM P08 Mouse Pad


ACGAM P09 Mouse Pad


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ACGAM P08  Mouse Pad

ACGAM P09 Mouse Pad