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AG-109R Keyboard Layout Options
105 keys Spanish version keyboard
105 keys Italian version keyboard
104 keys US version keyboard
105 keys French version keyboard
105 keys German version keyboard
AG-109R mechanical keyboard with Spanish layout,  keyboard with French layout

POWERFUL MACRO Mechanical Keyboard – AG-109R

ACGAM AG-109R keys are fully programmable. It comes with a drive CD, with which you can set the macro keys and make custom color settings as you want.


Full anti-ghosting keys allows you to press multi keys to work simultaneously. Let’s indulge in games without any conflict during gaming, it really adds some realism to the game.

anti-ghosting mechanical keyboard
6 language version mechanical keyboard, keyboard in spanish, keyboard in french, keyboard in german, keyboard in italian

AG-109R is designed in 6 languages layouts: 104 keys US layout or 105 keys Spanish/French/German/Italian layout. Constructed with floating keys, Outemu blue switches (Gaote switch), plug and play, no driver needed.


With 16.8 million color RGB mechanical keyboard backlit, 109R comes with pre-configured lighting options, include Breathe, Color Wave, Cooldown Timers and Reactive Keys. Personalize the ACGAM AG-109R by creating and programming your own illuminated keyboard.

mechanical keyboard 105 keys
-6 Layouts:104 keys US layout, 105 keys Spanish/French/German/Italian layout
-Support full keyboard macro control and customized color settings
-16.8 Million Color RGB mechanical keyboard, constructed with floating keys, Outemu blue switches (Gaote switch), plug and play, no driver needed.
-Full anti-ghosting keys design allows multi keys to work simultaneously.
-Each key is fully programmable. It comes with a drive CD, you can use it to set the macro keys and make custom color settings as you want.
-10 adjustable RGB backlit modes, just press FN+F5/F6 to switch, no drive needed, including: always-on mode; single-color-breathing mode; 7-color-breathing mode; multiple-color on-click-lighting mode; single-color or mixed-color-flowing mode; running-forth and back mode; rainbow roulette mode; ripples spread mode; sound sensor mode; snake racing mode.
-AG-109R mechanical gaming keyboard is built with arc and slope ergonomic design
-Aluminum alloy panel: built-in dual PCB for maximum stability
-ABS dual-color keycap, not easy to fade, durable to use
-Compatible with Windows Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10, MAC, Linux.(DRIVE function can only used in Windows system)
-Easy-to reach multimedia keys: Fn + F1-F4, provides Windows Key lock for gaming, multimedia controls for entertainment.
-8M FLASH RAM: Used to store off-line configuration,lights model and Marco settings

NOTE:  3 off-line modes (FN+F10/F11/F12), F9 lights on with online mode, and press FN + F9 to enter normal mode.

Material Aluminum + ABS
Keyboard Switch Brand Gaote/OUTEMU
Interface Wired
Connection USB2.0
Keyboard Lifespan ( times) 50 million
Response Speed 3ms
Anti-ghosting Number 104/105
Power Supply USB Port
Cable Length (m) 1.8
Product size (L x W x H) 44.30 x 13.50 x 3.50 cm / 17.32 x 5.31 x 1.38 inches
Product weight 907 g
Package weight 1170 g
Package Contents
1 x ACGAM 104/105 Keys Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
1 x Keycap Puller
1 x Drive CD
1 x English/French/Spanish/Italian/Japanese/German User Manual

AG-109R RGB Keyboard Driver, Download Now>