Q: Does this product include a desktop?

A: The desktop is not included and needs to be purchased separately.

Q: Do I need to drill holes on the desktop if we buy the desktop separately?

A: Yes, the tabletop needs to be drilled, but the table foot already has been drilled.

Q: What is the compatible desk width range?

A: The recommended desk width range is 600mm-800mm.

Q: What is the load-bearing capacity of the table?

A: 80 Kilograms.

Q: Does this product have a warranty?

A: Yes, we have a 1-year warranty for the desk frame and a 2-year warranty for the motor.

Q: What are the screw specifications of this product?

A: M5*16 tapping screws, M6*12 flat head screws, M6*16 round head screws and grub screw.

Q: Where can I buy the motor and the touchpad?

A: We do not sell spare parts separately.

Q: Does this product have an anti-collision function?

A: Yes, it has not only the auto-stop function but also equipped with a gyroscope for precise distance detection..